Update on the Village's COVID-19 precautions

All Village of Piermont Park facilities will be temporarily closed effective 10:00 AM on April 8, 2020. These include the following: The Erie Trail, Parelli Park, Half Moon Park, Kennedy Park, Eleanor Stroud Park, and Kane Park. With the cooperation of the owner, both Flywheel Park and the Gazebo area along the waterfront will be temporarily closed as well.

The Village of Piermont has experienced an increase in the failure of park users to comply with the CDC and Rockland County Health Department’s guidelines regarding the proper public conduct required of all responsible community members to help slow the spread of the lethal COVID-19 virus.

On April 6, 2020, Rockland County government and several Towns and Villages within the County closed their public parks to try to prevent irresponsible public conduct, which puts all community members at risk. To date, it has been extremely difficult for law enforcement to adequately police the failure to even comply with basic social distancing guidelines, leaving many residents at risk of infection through no fault of their own.

Therefore, the Village of Piermont has decided to follow suit and close its parks to the public on a temporary basis to discourage pubic behavior which poses a direct threat to the health and safety of Piermont residents.

The Village is constantly evaluating responsible actions which serve to balance the public trust with health and safety of its residents. In the event that further guidelines from public health officials lead to a determination that it is safe to open the parks for public use, the Village will act swiftly to ensure that public access to our beautiful Village restored. This determination will be re-evaluated no later than April 29, 2020.

All previously approved events in the Village Parks are also cancelled, and park users are directed to contact the Village Clerk to receive any fee refund due to this emergency.

Please, STAY HOME and help us all stay safe.
Thank you,

Bruce Tucker, Mayor
Village of Piermont, NY  10968
478 Piermont Ave.
Piermont, NY  10968
(845) 359-1258 x304