What is happening with the Tree's in our business district?

The Village has received a couple of calls regarding the removal of three trees on Piermont Ave. in the business district. The trees that were removed were examined by an Arborist and determined that they were dying, posing a safety hazard to both pedestrians and vehicles.

In the case of the tree in front of 490 Piermont Ave., there have already been incidents of upper limbs falling off, damaging cars that were parked below. In addition, due to the extreme lean in the trunk, cars and vans were striking it, and along with the interior rot in the upper section of the trunk, there was a real danger of it falling over in a storm. Regarding the two trees by the Gair Memorial, these trees were also bare and rotting on the upper limbs, with extreme danger of breaking off and killing a pedestrian. Our primary concern is the safety of our residents.

All three trees will be replaced by Swamp Oak trees (pictured). At this time, the rest of the Sycamore trees on Piermont Ave. have been deemed healthy, and therefore, there are no plans to remove them. But there will be additional pruning in the upcoming weeks.