The Piermont Traffic Committee


Piermont’s quality of life is special to its residents. Having safe streets with smooth flowing traffic, accessible parking and courteous motorists, cyclists and pedestrians is important to that quality of life.  Several years ago, the village formed a Traffic Committee to be a conduit for the community to feedback issues related to our streets and formulate engineering, law enforcement and educational actions in response.  To date, the committee has commissioned a Complete Streets study which led, among other things, to the new Gair Memorial Park, and the Committee has recommended changes in parking and signage which have been successfully implemented.

The Traffic Committee welcomes any resident who would like to join.  We meet monthly and look forward to more Piermonters becoming involved.  Importantly, we want to hear from the community on traffic related issues or suggestions anytime.  You can reach the committee at . Thanks for your support.

Co-Chairs, Paul Kadin and Chief James Hurley