Candlelight memorial for volunteer firefighter Jared Lloyd

A message from Mayor Tucker:
Today is the funeral for Spring Valley volunteer firefighter Jared Lloyd. I ask every Piermonter to take a moment out of their day and reflect on the bravery and ultimate sacrifice this man gave in the hope of saving others.
Last Saturday evening the Village of Piermont and the Piermont Fire Department held a candlelight vigil in Flywheel Park. It was a beautiful and moving tribute to Mr. Lloyd. For those who were not able to attend, I would like to share the speech I gave at the vigil:
"Tonight, we assemble as a Community to honor the memory of a fallen firefighter, Jared Lloyd. We mourn his loss and share the grief with his family. He died a hero – risking everything by running into a burning building with just one thought in his mind – to save as many lives as possible. He paid the ultimate price for his bravery, and our hearts break. In Jewish teaching, the proper thing to say about his passing is "May his memory be for blessing." When we say that, the blessing implied is this: it is up to those who bear his memory to keep his goodness alive. We do this by remembering him, we do this by speaking his name, we do this by carrying on his legacy.
At this time, we also reach out to comfort our own Fire Department members who feel the loss of a brother fireman. They, most of all, know what it is like to face danger on an almost daily basis. We especially thank all those members who helped in the recovery of Jared Lloyd’s remains, and returned him to his family. Tonight, we sympathize with the pain that those members had to endure. When a tragedy like this occurs, it reminds us that we as a Community are extremely fortunate to have our volunteers whose only goal is to save lives and keep people safe, regardless of their own personal safety. Whether it is fighting a fire, or responding to someone with a medical condition, or extricating somebody from a car accident, or diving in the Hudson River to search for a missing person, we owe them our eternal gratitude and support. Those who have been to my office have seen the quote I have hanging on the wall from Winston Churchill. Tonight, I am reminded of other words from Mr. Churchill after the Battle of Britain in World War 2 – “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.” I feel like these words apply here tonight as well; all the residents of Piermont thank all the members of the Piermont Fire Department for your help and sacrifices in keeping us safe. Thank you. We wish you all comfort at this difficult time".