** Mayor's COVID Update 10/6/20 **

We, the Village Board of Trustees, would like to acknowledge the alarming trend of increasing COVID-19 infections in Rockland that we are all seeing. Rockland county is currently reporting 2 active cases in our ZIP code, and over 1,400 in Rockland, with a 6.2% infectivity rate being reported for Rockland county overall. We have not seen this level of 7 day average since early May, and we are closely monitoring the situation, and working with the County and the State to respond appropriately to future conditions.
We would like our residents to know that Piermont has spent the last few months of relative calm working to put things in place to enhance the safety of our residents. We adopted a local law about mask wearing when social distancing is not possible, which provides law enforcement personnel with a means of legally issuing tickets for failure to comply. This is something that many of our neighboring communities are struggling with. Our Police Department has stepped up enforcement of social distancing guidelines using this new tool. We put up signs all over the Village indicating the legal requirements and to be smart and wear a mask. We added footprints on Ferry Road to help pedestrians understand where to walk to maintain social distancing. Our Police have increased patrols on the Pier. We secured a Grant to cover unforeseen PPE expenses for our emergency service volunteers. We have not, and will not, stop working to do everything we can do to keep our residents safe and healthy.
BUT…we need your help. Government can only do so much; we cannot be everywhere. None of these things we have done can keep you from exposing yourself if you do not follow the guidance. Each of us bears personal responsibility for our actions and a civic duty to do what is right, not only for ourselves, but for our entire community.
These are not times when we can afford to relax and allow ourselves to become pandemic fatigued. The personal choices we all make every day are critical to our success. Each of us must take personal responsibility for limiting our own chances of exposure as well as transmission. As the Autumn holiday season progresses, we will each face tough choices about balancing safety with the impulse to bring friends and family together in traditional celebrations. We implore our residents to be smart, and be safe, and redouble efforts to contain community spread by limiting travel to hot spots and social gatherings. Only together can Piermont weather this resurgence, and only with a commitment to keep each other healthy by keeping ourselves healthy, can we ensure we don’t have to go through another lockdown. Please maintain social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, and stay home if you are sick. If we all take these preventative actions, we will get through this