There are currently no option positions at this time within the Village of Piermont.

Where can I find a list of positions open in the town?

Position vacancies are posted on the Village bulletin Boards for a period of at least 10 business days.


Where can I get an application?

Applications can be downloaded here or obtained at the Clerks Office in Village Hall

478 Piermont Ave
Piermont, New York 10968
(845) 359-1258


Do all civil service jobs require an exam?

Positions in the non-competitive class do not require an exam.  Positions in the competitive class require an exam.  For a list of civil service exams and dates please visit the Rockland County Personnel Office.  For more information regarding please read the Rockland County Civil Services Rules.


Do I have to submit a cover letter and resume?

You are not required to submit a cover letter and resume with your application but it would be helpful.


What happens if I miss the deadline for the position I am interested in?

You lose the opportunity to apply for that position.


Do I have to fill out a new application for each job I am interested in?

Yes, the applicant must fill out a new application for each job.