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A New Year’s message from Mayor Tucker:

My friends:

To say this year has been unique and a challenge is an understatement.  A year ago, we would never have imagined in our wildest dreams what was in store for us in 2020.  We, as a community, have paid a terrible price.  We have lost loved ones and community leaders who have been part of the fabric of Piermont for years.  People who have made a difference in our community are now gone from us.  May their memory be a blessing to us all.  But among this sorrow is much to reflect in hope and accomplishment of all we have done as a community this year, in light of the hardship which we all had to bear.

During the darkest early days of the Pandemic we came together as a family and worked together for solutions.  With the help of our Board of Trustees, we collaborated with our brave and awesome Police Department, Fire Department/EMT, D.P.W. and Village employees to make sure that every resident was safe and taken care of if anybody got sick.  We spread the word of guidance from New York State and the C.D.C. on how to stay safe.  We passed a Local Law enabling the Police to enforce social distancing.  We worked with the Chamber of Commerce to help keep our businesses viable and safe throughout this ordeal.  The Sustainable Piermont Committee launched a "Shop Local - Shop Piermont" initiative to help our businesses and the environment.  In short – the entire Piermont community came together to help each other and to shine in the face of adversity.

Considering the challenging condition we all had to face, there was some good news this year.  We were able to create a new park for all to enjoy – at zero cost to Piermont taxpayers.  Our Farmers Market created a beautiful and inviting atmosphere in Parelli Park – while still maintaining a safe environment.  Despite some businesses closing, due to the help of the Governor’s relaxation of certain restrictions and the Village Board’s approval of blocking off some streets and parking areas, some of our restaurants and merchants had their best summer ever – helping to maintain a vibrant downtown.  And thanks to the help of our Village Trustees and Department heads, for the second year in a row we were able to keep Piermont homeowner real estate taxes to a zero increase. 

What is more, during this season of hope, we now have the prospect of a new year with vaccines being distributed and the anticipation of life coming back to normal.  Yet, we cannot relax – especially when we are so close to vaccine distribution and the eventual elimination of this disease.  This will still take some time and we cannot let our guard down this late in the Pandemic – especially with the resurgence that surrounds us.  Please continue social distancing, wear a mask, keep 6 feet away from others, and wash your hands.   

I wish to thank all our residents who have followed the guidelines set down by New York State and the C.D.C.  I know it has not been easy.  I also wish to thank my fellow Village Board members, first responders, and Village employees, who worked tirelessly through this crisis to help keep the residents of Piermont safe.  They make us all “Piermont Proud”!

As a community we have made it this far.  I urge all our residents to remain vigilant.  We will get through this, as Piermonters have always gotten through times of trouble - together!

I wish everyone a happy, and especially healthy, New Year!  Stay safe.

Mayor Bruce Tucker

Village of Piermont, NY