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June 2021

To our Residents and Visitors,

The summer has finally arrived, and with it, life is beginning to return to normal. Thanks to the COVID vaccines, the infection rate in our area, and New York State, is the lowest it has been since the beginning of the Pandemic almost a year and a half ago. With the nice weather enticing everyone to get outside, and more people getting vaccinated, we expect the infection rates will go down even further over the summer. We can now hopefully breathe a sigh of relief!

For those residents and visitors who are vaccinated, there is a new freedom of not being required to wear a mask outdoors, and now, in many indoor settings if the business allows it. I encourage everyone to get outside for a stroll or a run. Check out some of our historic sights. Feel free to walk around the Village – either downtown, on the Erie Trail, up into Tallman Mountain, or out on the Pier. Speaking of the Pier, I remind you all that the car-free Sunday’s have started and remains through the end of September. Go and experience the Pier on a Sunday in its natural setting while enjoying the million-dollar view of the new Bridge with the peace and quiet of no motorized vehicles. Don’t forget to grab a sandwich or bring a chess set to our newest park behind the Gair Memorial! There are more improvements in the work for that area that you will see in the coming weeks!

In order to help our restaurants and galleries continue to recover from the economic downturn caused by the virus, we have once again closed off some streets and blocked off parking spaces to allow for extended outdoor dining and shopping. This worked extraordinarily well last summer and gives the Village almost a “European” feel! We encourage all our residents and visitors to shop our stores and dine in our restaurants and support our local merchants! They are the economic engine of the Village.

I remind all our residents that there is only one Village Board meeting during the summer months of July and August. This year the meetings will be held on July 13 and August 17.

Once again, it is an honor to serve all our residents as your Mayor in the Village that I have called home for 31 years, and love. I remind you that I am available to meet most days at Village Hall where I work, or I can be contacted by phone at 845-359-1258, x304, or email at:

Have a great summer!


Thank you,

Mayor Bruce Tucker

Village of Piermont, NY