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Piermont Property Taxes are due by June 30th every year. After such date, penalties begin to accrue. Should you require a duplicate copy of your tax bill or a tax payment receipt, contact the Village Clerk’s office.
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Property Tax Info16 documents

  • 2021 Final Tax Roll
    document _recordid 440
  • 2021 Tentative Assessment Roll
    document _recordid 414
  • 2021 Tentative Assessment Roll
    document _recordid 412
  • 2018Tentative Assessment Revised 2-1-18.pdf
    document _recordid 349
  • 2017 Piermont Tentative Assessment.pdf
    document _recordid 348
  • Link to Piermont Library District Tax Info
    document _recordid 64
  • Grievance Procedure Forms
    document _recordid 62
  • Tax Roll – More information can be found
    document _recordid 61
  • Real Property Tax Law (mailing of bills)
    document _recordid 60
  • 2016 Final Assessment Roll
    document _recordid 59
  • 2017 Final Assessment Roll
    document _recordid 58
  • 2018 Final Assessment Roll
    document _recordid 57
  • 2019 Tentative Assessment Roll
    document _recordid 56
  • 2019 Final Assessment Roll
    document _recordid 55
  • 2020 Tentative Assessment Roll
    document _recordid 54
  • 2020-2021 Final Assessment Roll
    document _recordid 53

Misc. Information1 document

  • Draft Amendment to Chapter 149 – Two Family Dwellings.
    document _recordid 72