Fire Department

Empire Hose Company #1
100% Dedicated Volunteers 
Who Proudly Serve the Village of Piermont


Volunteers Provide Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in the Village of Piermont.

There are 26 volunteer fire departments and 14 volunteer ambulance corps and approximately 3,500 volunteer fire fighters and EMS personnel in Rockland County. Piermont Fire Department is one of these departments who also provide EMS to the Village residents.

No previous emergency services experience or training is required to become a member

Piermont Fire Department offer limited forms of membership such as EMS Only, Fire Police Only, Fire Fighting Only, and Rescue Only.

Piermont Fire Departments through the State of New York offer a Length of Service Award Program (LOSAP) which rewards members for years of active service.

Piermont Fire Department offers a Junior Firefighting program for youth’s age 16-18 yrs of age.

Piermont Fire Department offers FREE training, personal protection equipment, pagers, limited - uniforms, and/or other department apparel.

Piermont Fire Department is always in the need of additional volunteers. For more information Call 845-359-1208  or stop by any Monday evening at Firehouse.

Annual Reports

2020 Annual Report

 Department Officers:

13-1 Chief Daniel Goswick Jr.
13-2 Asst. Chief Sam Kropp
13-3 2nd Asst. Chief Lawrence Cabrera
13-4 Captain Daniel Goswick Sr.
13-5 1st Lt. Joe Palkovic-Newly Elected
13-6 2nd Lt. Patrick Krummack-Newly Elected
13-7 3rd Dive Lt. Joe Hauser lll
13-8 4th Dive Lt. Timmy Piesco
13-9 Chief Engineer Donald Hardy-Newly Elected
13-10 Asst. Chief Engineer Billy Cavanaugh
13-11 2nd Asst. Chief Engineer Mike Bettmann Jr.-Newly Elected

13-EMS-1 Lt. Hope Goswick
13-EMS-2 Lt. Daniel Albin
13-EMS-3 Lt. Donna Alise

Appointed Officers:

Dive Chiefs:
1) Scott Silva
2) 3rd Lt. Joe Hauser lll
3) Mark Blomquist.

Hazmat Officers:
1) Chief Daniel Goswick Jr.
2) Captain Daniel Goswick Sr.

High Angle Chiefs:
1) 1st Lt. Joe Palkovic
2) Kyle Weiss

Safety Officer Captain:
1) Elizabeth Fagan

Fire Police:
1) Donna Hardy Captain
2) Nick Gatti Sr. Asst. Captain
3) Steven Moscatello 2nd Asst. Captain

EMS Training Officers:
1) Jane Nicholl
2) Brandi Silva

Company Officers:
President – Mark Blomquist-Newly Elected
Vice President – Santina Stevenson
Treasure – Matt Stevenson
Financial Secretary – Joan Chadwick
Recording Secretary – Julie Pagliaroli