Welcome to the Official Website of the

Village of Piermont

This website is just the first step in providing information about our Village and its services we provide to our residents and visitors alike.

The following pages are intended to provide information about:

  • Our Village
  • It’s History
  • Where we are now
  • Plans for the future
  • Our Government & Departments
  • Our Parks & Recreation
  • Village Directory
  • Calendar of Events

Whether you are new to our Village or a longtime resident, we hope that the information on this website will make your Village more accessible and encourage you to take advantage of all Piermont has to offer to its residents and its visitors.

For our Visitors, we hope you enjoy our Village.  We are confident that you will find friendly people greeting you warmly, while you look at our unique shops, have a bite to eat at local restaurants, or ride your bikes (single file please) through our very scenic area.  Once you discover Piermont it is just the kind of place that you’ll find yourself loving and coming back to again and again.

And now, take a look at our new website. It is a work in progress, so please be patient as we continue to add more information.

Please feel free to contact the Village Clerks office for any information regarding this website.

We hope to see you soon in Piermont!


A message from Chief Michael T. O’Shea

A caller with a thick Indian accent calls people and states he is from O&R Utilities and threatens to turn power off immediately if payment via money order is not made.

The same caller has also said he is from the Piermont Police and the IRS. He states money is owed and an arrest will be made if immediate arrangements for payment are not made.

No one should ever give any information regarding bank records, social security number or date of birth. None of the listed agencies call people and threaten them. And they call from an identified number. People who receive calls from the Piermont Police will see ‘Village of Piermont’ on the caller ID.

If people believe they received a suspicious call they should terminate the call and notify the police.

Thank you